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Paradise Dynasty: Fiery Szechuan Classic
paradise at 06/06/2017

Indulge in a gastronomic Szechuan experience with our delectable creations inspired by the richness of Szechuan’s culture; marrying bold flavours all in one palate! Promotional prices are exclusively for Maybank Credit/Debit Cardmembers and PGR Members only.

Well-known for its spiciness and combination of a medley of spices, these classic dishes are only available for a limited time only. The numbing sensation of Szechuan cuisine is highly addictive, but it is a type of cuisine that needs special appreciation and people who dislike it initially can grow to love it over time. Gather a few friends and excite your taste buds at Paradise Dynasty!

Paradise Dynasty: 50% OFF Happy Tea Time
paradise at 01/07/2016

What’s better than enjoying a happy tea time with your friends or family at an incredible 50% off our xiao long bao, la mian, dim sum and desserts? Head down to all Paradise Dynasty outlets during our tea time from 3pm to 5.15pm, and dive into a feast of sumptuous Chinese cuisine of your choice.

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