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Snap and Win! - Monthly Instagram Contest
paradise at 14/06/2017

Stand to win $250 worth of dining vouchers monthly!
($150 for best photo, $100 for the photo with the most likes!)

Unleash your inner photographer! Are you a foodie and enjoy taking photos of food? Do you find satisfaction in sharing your love for good food with others?

Gather your friends and family to take photos together and be rewarded!

Paradise Teochew: $18 Chilled Yellow Roe Crab in Teochew Style
paradise at 06/06/2017

Savour the pristine freshness of the golden roe and the succulent texture from the flesh of the Chilled Yellow Roe Crab. Steamed and served chilled, this is an iconic seafood dish that defines Teochew Culture.

Paired with tangy sauce (kek you) and vinegar with shredded ginger, this delectable delicacy is bound to capture more than just your taste buds!

Paradise Dynasty: Fiery Szechuan Classic
paradise at 06/06/2017

Indulge in a gastronomic Szechuan experience with our delectable creations inspired by the richness of Szechuan’s culture; marrying bold flavours all in one palate! Promotional prices are exclusively for Maybank Credit/Debit Cardmembers and PGR Members only.

Well-known for its spiciness and combination of a medley of spices, these classic dishes are only available for a limited time only. The numbing sensation of Szechuan cuisine is highly addictive, but it is a type of cuisine that needs special appreciation and people who dislike it initially can grow to love it over time. Gather a few friends and excite your taste buds at Paradise Dynasty!

Canton Paradise: Nostalgic Flavours of Hong Kong Dim Sum
paradise at 06/06/2017

Indulge in our savoury dim sum treats. Gather your family and friends to dine at Canton Paradise today!
Promotional prices are exclusively for OCBC Credit/Debit Cardmembers and PGR members only.

ParaThai: Bangkok Street Food Fiesta
paradise at 06/06/2017

Thai food lovers, rejoice! You may now skip the holiday crowd and hassle of flying all the way to Bangkok for your favourite street food! Maybank credit/debit cardmembers and PGR members can enjoy exclusive promotional price.

Seafood Paradise: Irresistible Alaskan Crab Indulgence
paradise at 08/05/2017

Feast like royalty with live Alaskan king crabs at Seafood Paradise. Tuck into the succulent meat with freshness and natural sweetest of the ocean, prepared in a variety of flavours including our recommended Singapore Style Chilli and White Pepper.

Taste Paradise 1-for-1 Superior Chicken Broth with Fish Maw
paradise at 02/05/2017

For a limited time only, savour our nourishing Superior Chicken Broth with Fish Maw (U.P. $28 each) at an irresistible 1-for-1 great deal! Exclusively for OCBC Credit/ Debit and PGR members only.

Simmered over hours using premium ingredients, this soup is not only rich and flavourful in every sip, but is also an excellent source of collagen, proteins and other nutrients.

Seafood Paradise 1-for-1 Scottish Bamboo Clams
paradise at 02/05/2017

Whet your appetite with freshly harvested Scottish Bamboo clams, known as one of the jewels of Scottish seafood. This gourmet delicacy will bound to tantalise your tastebuds with its succulent and oceanic taste. For a limited time only, enjoy this sea treasure as a pair for the price of one!

LeNu Happy Teatime (30% OFF all noodles)
paradise at 01/04/2017

Calling out to noodle lovers! Supercharge your weekdays with a bowl of piping hot noodles! Enjoy 30% off noodles from 3-5pm on weekdays only! Indulge in the ultimate comfort food and make your weekdays a little happier.

Paradise Hotpot: Lunch Time Promo (Extended)
paradise at 20/03/2017

What’s better than enjoying a happy extended lunch time with your friends or family with up to 40% off ALL food ingredients at Paradise Hotpot! Available exclusively at Compass One mall.

• 30% off All Food Ingredients Daily (before 2.30pm*)
• 40% off All Food Ingredients Daily (from 2.31pm – 4.30pm*)

Paradise Classic: Extended Lunch Time Special
paradise at 21/02/2017

Gather all your loved ones to our Paradise Classic outlets to savour decadent Nanyang style dishes! Tuck into an alluring selection of Pork Belly Bun, Rice & Noodle dishes, Thick Vermicelli and Desserts.

Beauty in The Pot: Late Night 20% Off
paradise at 23/12/2016

Engage your senses in a health and beauty hotpot experience with our tantalising soup bases, accompanied by a comprehensive menu of fresh ingredients.

Savour the essence of health & beauty from our nourishing soup bases, which includes the all-time favourite Beauty Collagen Broth and Spicy Nourishing Broth. Be sure to try our four new soup bases such as the Cooling Coconut Broth and Wild Pine Mushroom Broth (Vegetarian) that are exclusively available at The Centrepoint outlet only. Every steaming pot of broth is prepared using an array of quality ingredients specially selected for a divine experience.

Canton Paradise: 50% OFF YUM CHA TIME
paradise at 21/11/2016

Stop over at our Canton Paradise outlets for a quick bite during tea time (3-5pm) on weekdays. Immerse in an alluring array of traditional dim sum, congee and noodle dishes!

Paradise Dynasty: 50% OFF Happy Tea Time
paradise at 01/07/2016

What’s better than enjoying a happy tea time with your friends or family at an incredible 50% off our xiao long bao, la mian, dim sum and desserts? Head down to all Paradise Dynasty outlets during our tea time from 3pm to 5.15pm, and dive into a feast of sumptuous Chinese cuisine of your choice.

Receive an OCBC $10 Voucher
admin at 01/01/2016

Receive an OCBC $10 Return Voucher with any amount spent when you pay using an OCBC Credit/ Debit Card.

12.5% P$ Rebates for Maybank Credit / Debit Cardmembers
paradise at 01/01/2016

Paradise Gourmet Rewards (PGR) member can now enjoy additional 2.5% rebate (in the form of P$) on top of the usual 10% when you pay using your Maybank Credit or Debit Card.

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