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Helmed by Executive Chef Lau Chi Keung, Paradise Pavilion’s elaborate menu features a wide selection of classic Chinese dishes and the restaurant’s own concocted signature dishes.

Guided by a team of culinary geniuses, the menu is richly concocted, borrowing inspirations from French and Japanese gourmet cooking and more. The star of the show is the house specialty – Authentic Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck.

Upon entering the restaurant, diners will see the Peking duck chefs executing their craft in full view. Their stage is the fire brick oven constructed in a traditional fashion with imported materials from Beijing. Here, the use of apple wood for roasting of the Peking duck further accentuates its full flavour and fragrance.

Assembled by Executive Peking Duck Chef Zheng Jing Chun, the fire brick oven is built using the traditional method of construction and imported materials. Apple tree wood is used for roasting to further accentuate the flavour and fragrance of the duck. Carved deftly before diners, the duck’s breast skin (also the fattiest and crispiest part) is first served as thin slices and best enjoyed with a dab of sugar. The rest of the duck is meticulously sliced and served with rice flour crepes and eight homemade condiments that will leave you asking for more.

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