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A glance at the comprehensive menu shows a substantial section devoted to Hong Kong-style rice & noodle dishes. One can pop in any time for our selection of French Toasts or delight in perennial favourites such as Steamed Lava Custard Buns as teatime or late-night bites. Great for kick starting a meal are the hot and crispy Flying KungFu Wings and Meatballs.

The café also throws up Asian-infused flavours in creations such as KungFu ‘Master’ Salad and Seafood Chili Crab Pasta – pasta served with seafood and freshly made chili crab sauce. The menu is not complete without some well-loved dishes noodles, rice and wok dishes such as Seafood Hor Fun with Egg Sauce, or Korean-style Soup Noodles with Poached US Marbled Beef.

For the Western classics section that offers baked rice, pasta and grills, we highly recommend the Triplet of Paradise; an assortment of char-grilled meats like chicken chop, chicken sausages and ribeye steak served with french fries and poached vegetables.

Diners can also come in for a sugar fix and pick from the large variety of desserts and drinks. Escape the heat and dive into the popular refreshing shaved ice desserts with different toppings featuring crowd pleasers like the Mango Craze Ice. Satisfy sweet cravings with all-time favourites like the Oreo Temptation, a delectable cheesecake sandwiched with crushed Oreo biscuits.

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