Our Concepts

Our Concept

Try catching a flying Lava Egg with the swift clasp of the chopsticks! Or juggling five tea cups with just one hand! No, we don’t display such deft KungFu skills here at KungFu Paradise but we certainly try to emulate KungFu masters with our swift service.

At KungFu Paradise, where East meets West, is a casual dining hangout for the young and young-at-heart. We offer a relaxing ambience – so cosy you will want to spend hours chilling out with buddies over tasty classic Chinese dishes, Western snacks or pastas.

Just like Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan who have made it big in Hollywood, Kungfu Paradise is just as versatile by giving you the best of both worlds. We put on the dining table the best of Hong Kong cuisine (such as rice and noodles) and popular Western picks (pasta, sandwiches and toast). In short, our café has got just about everything to give a good kick for your cosmopolitan taste buds! Yum!

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