One Paradise - Delight with 50% off for 2nd Party Pack ordered Adventure of Xiao Long Baos!! Exquisite $38 set lunch at Taste Paradise & Paradise Pavilion

Order any party pack (good for 10 person) at $198 and get the 2nd party pack at 50% off#!

Follow our 8 Legendary Xiao Long Baos on their travels and stand a chance to win up to $900 cash!

Pamper yourself with our lunch special, as our chefs from Taste Paradise and Paradise Pavilion put together an exquisite set lunch at $38 per person that comprise premium items and ingredients with nourishing benefits that are bound to impress by yet easy on the pocket.

Paradise Inn - A Sip of Blissfulness Paradise Inn - New Culinary Creations Paradise Inn - Stone Pot Specials

Containing authentic ingredients and double-boiled for long hours to retain the goodness of ingredients in the soup, the eight nourishing double-boiled soups at Paradise Inn is the heavenly combination of great taste and health benefits.

Savour the new culinary creations at Paradise Inn from March to April! With 10 new dishes ranging from appetisers to poultry, and soup to seafood, be delighted by the new dishes available for a limited period only.

Paradise Inn’s stone pot individual sets have been refreshed to offer more! More choices are available now from $10.80 each, including Herbal Chicken Soup with Vermicelli...

Paradise Dynasty - Charms of Shanghai Seafood Paradise Boston Lobster Fest Enjoy 20% off on Shunde Cuisine New dishes

Be in for a gratifying Shanghai feast at Paradise Dynasty this March, as we present iconic dishes from Shanghai. Influenced by the surrounding provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, alcohol, salted meats and preserved vegetables are frequently used in the preparation of Shanghai cuisine.

Hailing from the fresh cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Seafood Paradise proudly presents the succulent Boston Lobster in 2 unique cooking methods. At only $32.80 (U.P.$98), choose from the tender Boston Lobster steamed with Glutinous Rice and Red Rice Yeast or the flavourful Baked Boston Lobster in Sea Salt.

Enjoy the most nostalgic Shunde cuisine this season as you get to enjoy 20% off these dishes!

Satay Fever at My Nasi

Come experience “Satay Fever” at My Nasi, as we bring you 2 special sets with beef satay.

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